Monday, April 18, 2011

A series of unfortunate events

For the past two days I've been feeling a very subtle stage of "ohmness".

Yesterday, after much trouble and effort to make arrangements, I got pangsehed by a friend. Instead of feeling angry, which would have been very typical of me, I didn't. So I wasn't feeling about it, what was I feeling? I think I felt disappointed.

I wonder if this is a better change for feeling all impulsive and angry , because disappointment is also a negative emotion. Perhaps a more subtle emotion, but it was still spurred by expectations for something(someone) to happen(do something).

Today, my presentation slide crashed on me. It took us a lot of time to (almost) complete the presentation material, and it crashed. In a usual case I'd feel a lot of despair, unhappiness and anger-- towards the rest of the world, towards the computer that died on me, towards myself who did not save another copy of my file, towards anyone who decides to talk to me at that point in time.

Today I didn't. I calmly called a support center, and decided to get to work fast so that we could redo the slides.

I really don't know if it will just be a two-day ohmness, but I do feel at ease for the fact that I see things in a more calm and analytical manner.

It makes the whole problem-solving process much more efficient. In today's case, positivity helps to move the team on. We wouldn't move on if we all start feeling angry, dejected, whatever.

More importantly, I didn't feel tortured by my emotions. Perhaps i feel tortured by the unfortunate events, but certainly not by my own emotions.

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