Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cameras, Rolling...ACTION!!!

Every wanted to shoot your own film? learn the techniques of photography and videography? Or even do a simple video edit for you school project or a friend?

Sign up to our Film Making Class where you'll learn new film and photography skills that will enhance your creative potential! Its FREE!

Sign up now, Call Zeming @ 94888903 or Shi Xiong @ 97599802

This is a FREE course for SBM members, BF members and friends of SBM.

We have about 4 vacancies left

Our first lesson starts this weekend @ 11.30am Saturday for Introduction to Film making where we'll be watching some movie clips!

Come on down and join us for the introduction class!

BOTIF is the latest project by Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth). It comprises of an 8-week Basic Filmmaking Course conducted free by volunteers for all youths from SBM and the Buddhist community in Singapore and it culminates with the participants making their own Buddhist-themed short films.

BOTIF is a play on the words Bodhi and Motif and encapsulates the spirit and aspiration of its volunteers and participants to create moving images inspired by the Triple Gems.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Filmmaking 14 May
Lesson 2: Buddhist Films 21 May
Lesson 3: Directing 28 May
Lesson 4: Editing 4 June
Lesson 5: Cinematography 11 June
Lesson 6: Producing 25 June
Lesson 7: Script Writing 2 July
Lesson 8: Basic Acting 9 July

Time: 11am to 1pm

Location: Singapore Buddhist Mission

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