Thursday, May 12, 2011


While cleaning my room, I found this piece of document. It was old and yellow. I can't remember when it was issued but it brought back memories. Lots of them. How long has it been since my first camp? How long has it been when I joined SBM? It did bring a few good laughs at first, then I realized how much things have changed.

Over the years, we have members joining and leaving us. SBM went through some renovations too! We used to have 2 cats, but now we are left with one. Things change - impermanence. I remember looking through some of the old photo albums in SBM with Hangqi, back when we were suppose to make a small photo montage for an SBM dinner event. The photos were of SBM events, some of which took place before we were born! Many of the photos were full of smiles and people laughing, there were even photos of Zeming as a kid!

I did have a lot of fun and great memories from when I just joined SBM, from my first camp, my first time being GL, the first vesak @ Orchard until now!

Throughout these years, we still stand by "Bringing joy to others and oneself through the Triple Gems" that's something that hasn't change and I am glad it hasn't. And that's something that we should never forget! Some people find joy in the teachings, some find joy in the spiritual friendship. So how about you? :D

Oh yeah, here's the document I was talking about!

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