Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And to contrary beliefs, we cycled to jetty! The combined house outing was a success, a pity to those who could not make it due to school works and commitments. But nonetheless it had been some time since we bonded and spent the whole day doing something together.

 The Story
We stormed eagerly into East Coast Park and walked towards the bike shop. The sky was dark and the sea was churning. When all hopes were lost and it looked like it was going to rain, we stubbornly rented the bikes and ride on. And the weather was merciful and let out a smile upon seeing our determination.

The road to the jetty was long, but we managed to find strength to cycle to our destination.

The sounds of waves of sea crashing on the shore and the strong wind was refreshing to us. We have made it! From where we stand we could see the entire beach, stretching out to the distant MBS. Magnificant sight in celebration of our achievement. And admist the peace, we took out the cameras and...

The true fact is, we had too much time on our bikes and didn't know what to do! So we cycled a few rounds and headed back. Weary, we stepped into the Western Tavern, Mcdonals and grabbed a bite. Meantime we played some monopoly.

Being a Buddhist youth group, we are bonded not by spirituality, but also by friendship and sibling love. Such a relationship is hard to find in the 10,000 world systems. I am not exaggerating but the Buddha mentioned the difficulty of being even a Buddhist in the Human realm. Every one within SBM must have attained great karmic energy to be able to be together in such a small cosy temple. There is impermanence, people come and go and we cannot stop it. But what we can do is to cherish one another while everyone is still around.

This is something to share, the house of moggallana. I am in the picture and will always be proud to have been in this house. We are the special group of people that weathered hardship and joy everyday. We studied, cooked, played, cried, sang, and talked. There are the brothers and sisters that is unique. And i hope the new batch of youths can be as lucky as me and find home within the temple.

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