Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not startled at sounds like lions - The Buddha

Camp Lions, the short for leading and inspiring young Buddhists in Singapore, and now Malaysia! It hasn't end and i have a mixed feeling of wanting it to end and go on for another day. It is what they call tiring but fufilling.

Although there is no photo, I hope to update on those who cannot make it to the camp and still feel our energy. These days we have walked half of Singapore's gardens and parks to carry out fun and exciting games. An example would be the well loved nerf wars. And not forgetting instilling leadership skills and personal qualities into this games.

I have met existing and new members from other youth groups, and am very proud to be a Buddhist youth and am able to contribute to it. Why Camp Lions? It is not another leisure camps that SBM have organised. It is a platform for many youths to get together, know each other and learn from each other.

No words can describe what we experience during the camp, so as the younger generations get older they can have a chance to run and meet other companions in the pursuit of Dhamma.

Good morning! From Mohawk @ Aloha Changi

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