Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Words aren't enough, but too much would make me long-winded.

so said the Camp Master on his Facebook note:

Vicky doing the plank during Beta-Test.

Thank you, everyone, who made Camp Lions 2011 a huge success. As I have said before, everyone played a part in making Camp Lions 2011 a success, no matter what role you might have held.

To start,

Ernest, thank you for covering me and holding the fort at the frontlines. Your jokes and antics were probably one of the most memorable moments for all the leaders, your presence alone was good enough to break the ice and also hype up the leaders to fully enjoy the programs and workshops of the camp. Once again, thank you for being the battery that provides unlimited energy to all.

Mabel, although I did not manage to sit in the actual workshops, I have learnt so much from the presentation you gave at the meeting with the facilitators. Even that short talk about your idea on the social experiment, your opinions and observations made about certain leaders did teach me a thing or two and more. You have great insight and I thank you for not only passing on knowledge to me but to the leaders, the organizers and the facilitators.

Mao, thank you for your words of encouragement and criticism. You often play the role of the bad-guy, which is to critcise and to question. The truth always sounds harsh, but no improvements can be made without it. Such words would not be easy to swallow but one would realise the importance as well as the intent only after one has learnt his lessons. Thank you, for motivating me and pushing me into the right direction.

Wufeng, you are the rock that holds down the organizers. Your level-headed thinking and calm reactions have prevented panic and confusion from breaking out. There are times whereby people might have misread your poker face, but surely they would know more about you after having spent 5 days and 4 nights working along side with you! Thank you for ensuring that everything is A-okay at all times.

Next up!

Yong Hui, thank you for your awesome admin support, thank you for reminding us all on important dates and minor details that needs to be done. Thank you for your patience and kind understanding. There are times we would overlook on checking the emails that have been sent to the official email, but thanks to you, we are reminded of what has been done and what needs to be done.

Yuan yi, Ying hui and Fu-sai4, thank you for being the timely and relentless logistics/ messing and PKL support. For the times you have slogged it out packing and preparing the logistics, for the times you adapted to what seemed to be never-ending last minute changes and for the times you all had to sacrifice sleep before and during camp in the name of preperations. You all have re-defined the meaning of what it takes to be part of the PKL team.

Derek, Kaiwen, Pearson and Zhenglin, thank you for being our charioteers! Having to double-up as organizers and drivers is no easy feat, since driving already requires alot of concentration and can be very tiring. Without your support, transporting logistics and manpower would have been at a stand-still. Thank you, for enduring the long hours and endless roads.

To the rest of the ORGANS! I am really amazed by your ability and vigour! Being able to improvise on the spot to enhance the gameplay without making significant changes to the rules of the game and also having to adjust the difficulty of the game so as to make each and every game a fun and exciting experience! Thank you for lending your voice and energy to the campfire, you all are truely the vital organs, so to speak, of Camp Lions!

And on to...Team Facilitators! Thank you all of you! You are the ones who set the difference between Camp Lions and other camps. I am sorry I couldn't thank you all personally :( Your words of wisdom have helped the leaders to better understand the rationale behind every game station and provided a good link to the workshops. I believe that your experience has not only helped the leaders to learn more about being a Buddhist Leader but has also inspired many to strive and follow in your footsteps to become a role-model to future leaders. Thank you, for taking time-off from work and personal time to run together with the leaders and share woe and weal with them throughout Camp Lions.

Last but not least,To the leaders who have participated in Camp Lions 2011, thank you for making Camp Lions possible! Without you all, Camp Lions would serve no purpose. You are the ones who give meaning to the organizers of Camp Lions, your smile and laughter is what that empowers and energizes us all! It doesn't matter which Buddhist Group you come from, nor does it matter what your nationality is. What matters is that we are all Buddhists.

Camp Lions has always been and will always be BY the Buddhist Community FOR the Buddhist Community. I hope there will be more projects, platforms and opportunities (besides Camp Lions) for the Buddhist Community to come together and grow together.

All of your efforts have been recognised, the smile of the leaders and those who attended Camp Lions 2011 are more than sufficient to prove my point :D I am sorry if I have by any chance left anyone out, I am really really really really really sorry D: I didn't mean to forget you!Let us make the Buddhist Community into a Buddhist Circle, whereby one would not find an end to it and it would appear to be vitually continuous!

Zomg, so many people to tag but I don't think I have added everyone :( Please tag them if you have added them as a friend etc. Thank you so much!

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