Monday, July 11, 2011

community service

Helping out at a community service held around Aljunied area, my task was simple, to bring dry food and rice bag up to the senior's house. Being involved previously to tidy up old folk's houses, I was prepared for the worse. Broken furniture, untidy bed and dirty toilets. The worse part was the feeling the moment you enter; solitude.

However, what surprised me was that they were very humble and optimistic about what they have, or should i say contentment. Some of them even worried about us and it deeply moved me. Their wish is pretty simple, just someone who can spend a little time to chat with them or even hear their life stories.

In Buddhism, as much as you know how to literally expound the meaning of the 4 brahma vihara, it is still fruitless in comparison to practising them. Once a month is not too much time to ask for, getting connected to them is actually very rewarding.

Lastly, community service is not about how much time you give, but actually how much HEART you put in. It is a great way to practice compassion and appreciative joy. To give and not expect anything in return, to realize how fortunate your life has been.

Other then being tired and hungry, the reward, a big smile on their face and the praises they sing of us. What more can you wish for? There is some things in this world that money cannot buy, and one of it is love.

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