Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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While I was browsing through the internet, I happened to stumble upon two articles about the cruelty man has inflicted on black bears. One of story is about 'A Teary Mother Bear Killed Her baby and Committed Suicide'

You must be wondering why?


This incident was witness by the author whose friend needed his assistance to manage a bear farm for a few days. The mother bear strangled its own cub in order to save the cub from suffering for the next 10 years of bile extracting (a bear can produce 2000g of bile annually for 10 years, they will do bile extracting one or twice a day and The bear has to go through such deadly torture twice a day.)

Extracted from the article:''
It was an act of helpless motherly love. At that moment and place, she did not have the ability to help her child to escape from the twenty years of hellish torture. Under such helpless and desperate situation, she can only destroy the beloved child she has created. "
"She let out another cry, as if she has gone hysterical, and went towards the wall. “Bang!”. The wall collapsed."

You can read the full article here:


Currently, 12,000 bears are being held captive in Asia. They are captive for their bile to use for traditional Chinese medicine. The most ironic thing about bile extraction is that he bile juice is not even precious or deemed for important uses. It is only used for high fever, flu or sore throat.

Workers extract bear bile from the gall bladder of a bear in Myanmar.

They are held captive in tiny cages and shocking conditions. The practice involves taking bile from a live bear. The wound from the bile extraction was never closed. So, the wound never recovered which causes disease, tumor, infection and cancer growth to them.


Bear bile is not a rare and precious traditional Chinese medicine. It can be completely replaced by herbal or synthetic medicine. If you want to do your part in helping to end bear farming, go to this website: and sign the appeal and join the campaign. It takes only less than a minute to sign up. Your signature can make a difference. I already did my part in signing up.

We must all be kind to all beings, whether it’s big, small, significant or insignificant. Everyone is born equal. Compassion should not be chosen to be provided, but compassion must be for all. Let’s all strive to help all beings in any way we can. Sign up now and be counted!

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