Friday, August 5, 2011

Sprinkles of Joy from Sharing

It has been close to a week now since our sharing on “When Things Just Don’t Go The Way You Want”. Yes Yes…I hear you…I should have posted the link (as promised) a long time ago. And, glad that I finally found the time to peacefully pen down a few words in my first blog post!!!

You guys have been inspiring...

I enjoyed the session very much and found it really inspiring. Not because things have turned out the way I want it to be, but because it turned out to be so much better than I ever imagined it to be. And guess what, the joy that I felt was not whether I have done a great job or not. The joy was purely inspired by you guys (and girls, of course!) for making the sharing filled with laughters and interactive discussion.

My top favourite was the debate…it was really interesting to see how Fu Zhong stepped up to the challenge to share his inner most thoughts about “We should not have any expectations, so that we would not fall into the emo trap” and how Vivian rebutted with “Why should we be afraid about feeling down”. Then, we had our future psychologist, Kevin re-iterating (so much that we all start bursting into laughters when his leg cramp kicked in!) on how important it is to have expectations to drive us forward, with Mabel then putting a spin to the definition of expectations and said “We can have goals, not expectations and we can choose to not fall into the usual emo trap when things don’t meet our expectations”.

And, I love how the team spirit played out during the discussion, with Wu Feng searching for the meaning of expectations from, Jian Yong jumping to another group and when Kai Wen exclaimed out loud “Aspirations, I knew it!" (only after the answer was revealed!!!).

Sharing is caring…don’t be afraid of opening up, many might have the same thoughts as you

Now, this post is not any “Fame of Glory” that is meant to highlight any individual achievements but more of sharing with you guys what I observed to be encouraging to see how you guys opened up and shared your thoughts. Many times, we come to sharing viewing the sharer (I’m not sure if this word exists – pardon my Engrish!) as a subject matter expert and unless we have pre-requisite knowledge to the subject…most of the time we will just listen and accept, even when it makes no sense. What you guys have done this time, was impressive that it makes me think of certain perspectives that I might not have considered during the preparation.

So, yes…sharing is not a one-way street and we are all learning together as a family. And, it matters a lot, to have you guys (each and everyone of you!) to be in the sharing session. You will be surprised, how much joy and encouragement you bring just by being there – just a smile warms people up, what’s more sharing and learning at the same time…You guys do make a difference and I want to applaud and thank you for that beautiful effort that you have put in.

Without further ado, enjoy the lovely dhamma talk by Venerable Thubten Chodron and wishing everyone a sweet smile on your face, filled with abundance of happiness, and joyous Bodhicitta in your heart.

Sadhu sadhu sadhu :)


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