Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For the unfortunate ones who have yet to view the greatest trailer ever made, this trailer is the fruit of a lot of people's efforts:

Zhenyu, Shixiong and Zeming for the shooting and Editting
Jianyong for the coordinating and planning.
Dylan, Xinyi, Ying Hui, Ernest, Wei Liang, Vicky, Fuzhong, Yuanyi, Kevin, Glen, Ryan for the fantastic acting.

I'm sure along the way we've had loads of fun with the crazy antics, and I wanna thank you guys for putting in so much effort into this!

This camp is gonna be different, because it's a camp that's back to basics. Not only will it involve our classic games of the past 18 CEPs, it's gonna be back to basics for us, as SBMY. SBMY will not be functioning if not for the spiritual friendships that we aim to forge, so that we can learn the dharma together. Let's build our own circle of strong, kalyana mitras through this camp.

I hope that this camp is one in which we learn to spend quality time with one another, so don't be surprised if I start calling you guys up for htht sessions =]

I also hope that this camp will be one in which the older can guide the younger ones, and everyone will be willing to step out of their comfort zones, as you guys have during the run, albeit being in slippers, for some of you.

I have a belief that only when we step out of our comfort zones will we be able to learn more about ourselves as well as skills. Don't worry, when you're doing it, we are here for you, all of you.

Let's make this camp a blasting one-- for the campers, and for us. Let's go SBMY!

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