Tuesday, October 11, 2011

May you be well and happy

Within the week itself, I've heard the statement "it was too sudden" twice.
Once from my dad, when his friend of his age passed on.
The second from nest, when his granny passed on.

Indeed, life is impermanent, isn't it?
But what hit me more abruptly was the uncertainty of life.

We know that death is inevitable, we know that one day, our time will be up. When? We don't really know. Might be soon, might be not so soon.

I wondered: what if one day, my death dawns upon me suddenly. What do I do? I have so many dreams unfulfilled, I have so many things undone. What can I do? The emotion that has then arisen in me surprised me. It wasn't fear, but motivation.

I wanted to do more, do what I can with my time. We can't control when our time is up (well, unless we indulge in ignorant acts like dashing across roads and driving recklessly). However, we can ensure that while we are still well and happy, we do what we can.

I wondered: people who have fought for nothing, done no service to others and lived a self-centered life, how would they feel when they realise that the time left is little, yet they have not done anything for the benefit of others? Then I told myself that I'm not gonna live a life that will allow for such regrets.

I wanna live a meaningful life. One that is guided by the triple gems, in service of others, in cultivation of my mind and in propagation of the dhamma. Of course, I have a long way to go, but I'm gonna try and I'm inspired to make this aspiration.

May Uncle Goh and Mak Mak be well and happy =D

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