Wednesday, December 21, 2011


43 organisers (and 7 missing ones)

I don't know how to use better words to describe my heartfelt appreciation for the youths of SBM. It's never easy to do Buddhist youth work in Singapore, with the lack of resources and support and the cynicism of "armchair experts'. These kids probably had "better" things to do during their free time. But they spent countless hours for months preparing for the camp. Then on camp day itself, they climbed the stairs and the hill, lugging along tables, chairs and litres of drinking water against adverse weather elements. They chose to spend as little as possible, like renting the cheapest vehicle they can find, which turn out to be a rickety old van with non-functioning breaks. Even when the weather threatened to spoil the event, their mood never dampens. Environment and conditions can challenge them but they realise that ultimately, it's their attitude towards their surroundings that matters most.

They worked at the background, away from the limelight. Perhaps that's how SBM develops our youths. Serving others in unglamorous roles and see how their sacrifices can add happiness to the lives of others. Some of these organizers are as old as the campers but they readily take on responsibilities, putting the welfare of the campers first.

See the value of serving others and the joy you have in your heart, when you realise that your small little actions could generate into something bigger. Build spiritual friendships in a safe place where you can grow. Spiritual friendship also means that you allow your friends to learn new things and give them space to make mistakes. Understand your faith and realise what an inspiring teacher the Buddha is and how His teachings can benefit yourself and other teenagers Take ownership of this the Mission. It belongs to all of us. Look after it well, make your voices heard and let it grow in wisdom and compassion. Continue to serve with passion as servant-leaders and spiritual friends who look out for one another.

"Spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life." - The Buddha

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