Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life as a camp master

 Mao Mao with the Plankton Kids

 Camp Master Fangrui aka Mao Mao and Camp Mistress Mabel.

It was a 5 days 4 nights camp for me. A gruelling yet powerpack experience.

Assuming the role of campmaster was like a new experience for me. Having handling the programmes for CAMP LIONS, I decided to try out for CAMP EHI PASSIKO, thinking that it would be a similar experience and not a problem for me. At that time, I was thinking of working with Mabel, since I had never really work with her first hand.

As a campmaster, the job scope seemed to be easy, taking care of the campers' needs and organisers' needs, play around with them, ensuring that everything goes smoothly is the main priority. But this camp doesn't seem to go in that direction. I have to apologise to all the organisers that I overlooked the welfare of you guys, always pushing you guys to the limits. I am sorry. This camp was like a limit break for all of us. I had never worked so hard in my life just for that 5 days of camp, not even the luxury of shitting in the toilet for 15mins.

However, judging from the faces and feedbacks of the campers throughout, it brings me joy to know that all was worthwhile, and I truly experience this phrase, "When you think of giving up, think of the reason why you hold on for so long".

I would like to express my thanks to Mabel Ong, the vice president of SBMY a.k.a my camp mistress. Working with her had made me realised how bad was I at handling the administrative side of the project, her awesomeness at talking with young people is a learning point and also how we are able to trust each other and cover for each other when one is busy. Its only when camp is over, then everything starts replaying through my brain and we worked damm well together even though both of us had different objectives for the camp itself. Thank you Mabel.

Jianyong and games team
The boy with the white hair and charming smile -- my games master. Throughout the process of planning games with him, I was superbly impressed at his organisational skills and how mature he has become. I dare say that I used to think he will forever be lazy and lousy at work, but he proved me wrong, in fact he proved many many people wrong. That's the kind of spirit and determination one should have and he will be a role model for many people. He had a team of new people to work with in the games team, together, they faced alot of challenges when thel camp start. I am glad to say that its an eye opening or rather painful experience for this games team but it was worth every sweat because its only through tough times people learn. I am thankful for their peserverance and determination to keep the games and skits going despite a number of obstacles. Even though we never carry out many of the games planned, but everyone enjoyed themselves =) Thank you.

Yuanyi with the Dylanator
Everyone know that Dylan is worth 10 people combined, but after this camp, Yuanyi s worth 11 people combined. Why? From Day 0 onwards, she only has herself for manpower in the logistics team. She made sure that every bits and pieces of props and items that are needed is there and ensure that everything is so neatly stacked. When she is free, she did not choose to rest, instead she went around offering her help. I can proudly say that she is the only person in the camp to tie the most water bombs, until her hand has blister from tying but she continued because she knows we need it. I am very touched by her commitment to serve. Yuan Yi, thank you very much. =)

ZhenYu and Zeming and Shixiong
Thank you for being the cameramen for the camp, sacrificing your play time in camp. Without you guys, there would be no videos and pictures to view and memories would soon fade. Despite the amount of work you guys have, the time you take to help throughout the camp is appreciated sincerely. I know you guys have jobs and work and it really show me that no matter how busy one can be, as long as one is willing, nothing is impossible. Not to forget amy, zeyan and pearly. But please help me retrieve my photos =(

Elysia, Melody and adeline
My messing girls. It had been a tiring work to always prepare and look after the welfare of the camp. Thanks for taking time off to help me and mabel in our camp, always doing the background work for us. Elysia, You have been a great help for us and I know you are very very tired by day 2 and yet I never hear you complained once. =)

Thanks for agreeing to being the campfire master despite the so last minute calling. You created the record for DI YI ZI WU for CEP and also introduced and modified the campfire songs. The campfire was great even though everyone was dancing on the muddy ground and the parents messaged me that they enjoyed and they are more than happy to come to our camp again. It is a memorable campfire for the campers. =)

A JOB WELL DONE! You guys had performed and exceeded my expectations as the GLs of the campers. Especially for Justin, he teared after receiving many well wishes and heart felt letters from his group members. You guys are the heart of this camp, never once stop beating and infecting the camp with your superb high energy plus positivity. From these, I can see many different styles of leadership, the strict yet kind one, the super high all the way one, the super caring one and many more. I hope that each and every one of you discover the style that you are really comfortable with and use it in your daily life, showing people that you are the best. It a tough job but all of you handle it well and made it through with the smiles of many young kids who look up to you =)

The rest of the organisers
Thank you for taking time off to help out in the camp. I know you guys had been busy with work and it is not easy to do just take time off. Want to let you guys know that i appreciate your help even though it may only be 1 day in camp. Its the effort and thought that counts and without you guys, the camp would be even more tough to handle.

Service leadership is difficult to master, but when one choose to serve with the passion and willingness, I think he or she deserved to be a leader anywhere. I hope everyone take a step back just to do a few mins of reflection and think about what is service leadership. This is a quality I deemed as a heavenly quality.

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