Monday, December 19, 2011

Thank you

Hello SBMY

Thank you so so so so much for making CEP 2011 such a great success. The journey definitely hasn't been an easy one, from our location problem to the monsoon season to our manpower shortage and I would proudly say that we have overcome this with the immense amount of effort, planning and determination that each and every one of you have displayed.

Thank you Games Team, for the countless meetings that you have held to make plans and brainstorm for games. Thank you for spending so so so much time at SBM even when I could not be with you guys, and thank you for your commitment and passion towards your role in camp.

Thank you the Campfire team, first from Xinyi and Jianyong and later passed on to Alvin. Thank you for so meticulously consolidating so many so many campfire songs and arranging them all together. Thank you Xinyi for your spontaneous change of role, Thank you Jianyong for taking up 2 roles at once, thank you Alvin for taking over the role so readily. Campfire wouldn't have been such a blast without every one of your effort throughout the whole process.

Thank you Messing Team, especially Ying Hui, who has patiently negotiated with the auntie regarding the food arrangements and the location and the numbers. Like Xinyi, Thank you for spontaneously taking up the role of a GL although you thought you can't do it (and you were proven wrong by yourself).

Thank you Dharma Team, Shi Xiong, Ze Ming, Amy. You guys might think that the campers were not that receptive to the sessions, but you guys have changed one camper's and his family's life. His mommy messaged his GL, Ying Hui:
Thanks for all that you have done for CEP! My son enjoyed it so much that he wanted to join in future activities in SBM and future CEP! We have also noticed visible changes in him that are delighting and surprising! My Husband described him as transformer! Thanks once again and all the organisers!

I believe that such a testament from even one parent is enough to continue to motivate us in the propagation of Dhamma to the youths. Thank you for staying up late in camp to reorganise the materials to better fit the campers' needs. Thank you for continuing to inspiring more people with the Dhamma, it's extremely extremely heartwarming.

Thank you Logistics Team- Yuanyi. Thank you for your continued patience in looking for all the logistics, preparing them, packing them, and arranging them. Thank you for taking so much time for CEP even when you were so busy with schoolwork and 30th Anniversary.

Thank you GLs. Thank you to the older GLs who are willing to take on a role that you thought you would never have again, and thank you for taking the time and initiative to guide the younger GLs. For the younger GLs, thank you for taking on this role and learning from the older ones. Thank you to ALL of you, who selflessly shouted and screamed and engaged the campers to make them enjoy CEP so much. Their smiles do mean a lot to you, don't they?

Thank you to all organisers. Each and every one of your mattered so much to us, because without any single one of you, the others would have to climb more stairs, would have less sleep and set up of anything would have taken longer. Thank you for continuing to do so much despite the aches we got from the very first day at camp. But it was all worth it.

Thank you to Mao Mao, for being such a great Camp Master to work with. Thank you for taking over the planning when i was mugging my ass away, and thank you for being patient with my horrendous temper. Thank you for teaching me how to give people chances and to see the potential in each and every individual.

We have all worked together in this camp with such cohesiveness. I saw initiative in each and every one of you. I saw passion and commitment in each and everyone of you. Remember the most fulfilling things that have occured to you, and the achievements you have made as individuals and as a team. Remember these because they are the fruits of your Right Effort, Right Perseverance and Right Thoughts.

Let us not be complacent, but take it as a reminder and motivation of how much we can achieve together as SBMY, where it means a second home to many of us. Let us continue to build this family as one, and to bring this joy to more.

Thank you CEP. I've learnt a lot from you guys.


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