Friday, July 20, 2012

J.K. Rowling's Magical Speech

It is truly amazing how inspiration comes about and brings on what I would term as blessings to pen down a few words.

Funnily enough, I am far from what people would deem as a Harry Potter fan. Watched a couple of Harry Potter movies and do not know why just never had the chance to watch the complete episode – I will sure to miss a small tiny bit no matter what. Well, well finally a turning point now, for the beautiful words of the amazing author J.K. Rowling resonate so deeply that I can’t help but to listen to every single bit of her Harvard commencement speech…feeling truly inspired.

I love how she started of her speech with so much humility and genuine connections with the audience. Being such a famous and successful writer, she not only brought herself to the same leveled ground with people around her but sincerely relates her own story to theirs bringing a meaningful message to commemorate the ceremony. This is the Harvard graduation ceremony where the celebration of the brightest in law and politics is, where she shared a realistic message through her very own journey on the benefits of failure and the crucial importance of imagination.

Coming from a background which pays a predominant amount of importance on academic success, I was not surprised when she quotes, what someone in Harvard may deem as setback or failure is considered a success to a lot of average people. An exemplary example would be someone who is devastated when they get 99% and not a perfect score for their examinations – drastic example but true.

For those of you who are braving the storm of failure, do not be disheartened for only through failure would you learn to see your inner potential of strength and determination. Only through setbacks, will you learn to understand being in the shoe of others who may be disappointed, to practice true compassion. I hope this simple sharing will resonate with my dearest SBM Youth, whom I miss very much, to strive on your aspirations, to believe in your inner potential, to have the courage to fall and grow out of it. When you are successful one day, to continue to practice humility and for every success you have weaved into your life, always remember to be contented for your loved ones who have supported you through and attribute the success to wider goodness.


- Thanks J.K. Rowling for the magic of inspiration –

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