Monday, July 30, 2012

Sharing Session

"Before a man studies Zen, a mountain is a mountain
after he gets insights, a mountain is not a mountain
When he really understands, a mountain is a mountain"
For the past 2 weeks, our "Lay Buddhism For Young Adults" sessions conducted by Venerable Dr. Bodhi were about the concept of emptiness. This post is an attempt to summarize what Venerable has taught us. Hopefully I got it right. Feel free to correct me if I were wrong!
1. Form
2. Sensation / Feeling
3. Perception
4. Mental Formations
5. Consciousness
Secondly, we also learnt that the Buddha taught that all phenomena is branded with three salient marks, namely:
1. Impermanence (Anicca)
2. Dissatisfaction (Dukha)
3. Non-Self (Anatta)
From the study of non-self, the concept of emptiness or sunnata emerges. By meditating and realising that all forms are empty of an independent existence, and they are made up of many aggregates and conditions, a young Buddhist learn to liberate his/her own mind. We learn to see obstacles as merely something made up of many conditions. Life is made up of many set of causes and conditions, without one of which the outcome may be different. Thus, we learn to be responsible for our own actions and are empowered to make decisions for ourselves in a way that can benefit the people around us and ourselves. We can take control of our lives and our mind and learn not to be sway by negative emotions and obstacles but rather, to see each difficulty as an opportunity to learn and become better.
Here are also some photos from Youth Sharing Session conducted by Bro. Wu Feng:

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