Friday, January 25, 2013

Creating Happiness (1)

If you missed last week's sharing session by Tessa and Wufeng, fret not! Here's Jeanne and her thoughts to keep you updated :) Enjoy!

In this week’s session conducted by Tessa and Wu Feng, the objection was to help us start the day right being positive.

To start off the session, Wu Feng has told everyone to do a reflection on the past year events/action/thoughts and form their Mid-term and Year end goals. After everyone has finish writing, everyone shared their goals with one another. There are goals like learning a new skill, making at least 20 new friends and to excel in their studies.

Next, Wu Feng asked ‘What is your first feeling when you woke up on a weekday morning?’ Many replied ‘tired, sleepy and bored.’ A small group replied ‘It’s a new day.’ Both groups was being separated and they were to go through different obstacles with common scenarios they will face everyday like going to school with homework that is undone, being late for school and parents nagging about them coming home late.

This activity allows them to know that those who started their day being negative, these obstacles will make them feel worse and at the end of the day, they would feel sad. However, for those who started their day being positive, they would not be so affected by those obstacles they faced and still remain positive as they know that problems can be solved easily, which can allow them to achieve more things. Since everyone has set their goals, they can remind themselves to be more positive so that they will be able to work toward their own goals, allowing them to achieve it at the end.

It is okay if you feel sad, tired or sleepy at the start of the day, you just have to be aware of it asking yourself why are you feeling that way? Make the effort to be happier and think positively. For example, if you will be having a long day in school due to extra lesson and CCA, you can think that ‘Yes! I can see my friends for a longer time.’ Every obstacle has its good and bad. Even if it’s bad, there will always be a silver lining. It is impossible not to be happy. One way to start our day is to go to the mirror and put your two index fingers on the side of your mouth, pushing it upwards. (:

Noble Eightfold path will allow help you to live a virtue and happy life. To know more about it, come to our weekly sharing!

‘Set a goal and giving a meaning to your life today!’

See y'all again on 26th January 2013, 2PM. You know where to find us :)

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