Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Youth Dharma Sharing: "You are the ___ of my eyes"

Curious about what we learnt on 26th January's sharing session? Let Nian Xin share her thoughts with you :)

This week's sharing was titled "You are the ___ of my eyes" and it was conducted by our dear Tessa and Wu Feng!

Well basically, there's only one main activity during the session. To start off with the activity, we were all split into two separate groups facing each other and hence, the person standing opposite of you (in the other team) would be your partner for the game. Next, members of a group would be blindfolded and the only person that one could actually rely on was their partner. The rules of the game was simple: All you had to do was listen to what your partner says and do what was asked in within a time limit of 10 minutes. I was in the first group to be blindfolded and honestly, I had no idea what was going on. This is the time where you have no choice but to put all your trust into your partner. So during the activity, we were made to pick up certain items like cushions and cones, and placed them in a specific area.

It's actually not an easy task because you have no sense of direction and your partner's voice could be easily lost in the midst of the chaos. I felt like I've been transported into the world of a visually impaired person and it made me scared. I'm pretty sure everyone else probably shared a similar experience too! When the time was up, the blindfolds were removed and all we saw was that the items were placed in a certain shape. So we were totally clueless about what was expected to be done! Wu Feng then briefly explained what was happening and afterwards, it was the other group's turn to put on the blindfolds and did the same thing.

Through this activity, many of us felt the sincerity coming from our partners as they gave instructions and constantly talking to us, which helped to lessen our fears and made us became more aware of our surroundings. Like what Wu Feng shared, sincerity can also be seen when a person uses different approaches to get things done. As you can see by now, the big golden word for this week's sharing would be SINCERITY. :)

Now that we've learnt how to create happiness for ourselves, it is time to spread the joy around and share the love! Regardless of what race or religion one belongs to, everyone should be entitled to happiness. The act of bringing happiness to people comes from the bottom of your heart, something that is innate in you. When you spread happiness, the recipient would truly felt the sincerity and pass this loving kindness to others. Slowly, it will spread to everyone and eventually coming back to you. Let me give you an example, there was this boy who went ice skating with my friend and he isn't a very good skater because he was still a beginner. But what touched my friend was his unwavering help to others. Whenever he saw someone in the skating rink who looked like they were having some form of trouble, he would genuinely asked if they needed any help and that was coming from a person who fell at least five times while trying to skate. Isn't it heartwarming? This simple gesture alone could really light up the person's day. Therefore, we all should try to be like this boy who is just so sweet and helpful and sincere to everyone he meets. But first, we have to be appreciative to what others had done for you and examples can be seen regularly in our daily lives. Like for an instance, giving praises and thanks. Not only you are being appreciative, but also bringing a smile to one's face.

Ernest shared with us that his dad would occasionally cook for the family to eat and during the meal, he told his dad, "Wow. The food that you've prepared are really yummy and delicious, Dad." Asians, like us, are more conservative and finds it hard to express our feelings and love towards one another. Although it might be quite a challenge or a mushy thing to say 'I love you', but we can try to give praises instead. Reciprocate with sincerity and one will feel that all the hard work and efforts are worth it.

Be true to your heart and everyone around you.

I'm sure you will lead a happier and a more meaningful life in the days ahead. :)

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