Sunday, February 10, 2013

YAG Dharma Sharing: "2 Wings of a Bird"

Let Alvin share his thoughts with you on the sharing that took place on 26th January with the young adults :)

It wasn't the easiest of topics to discuss about to begin with. As Venerable Bodhi led us in a refreshing 15 minute meditation session, the workers in our group found time to bring their minds and bodies to a respite mode, with the never-ending workload coming along some of us. At the same time, youths who preferred to understand a more in-depth view of what wisdom and compassion is, and how these two elements actually correlate, were in for a time of discovery.

The first few parts we engaged on were about how compassion is defined in logical dictionary terms, putting a combination of 'co' and 'passion' together to signify the meaning of care and the love to care for another. Then came how, in Buddha's time, Tissa and Angulimala's stories brought about true compassion.

Eugene, who was there, pondered upon the idea of giving money to an old lady selling tissue paper packets, yet careful about the way in which the syndicates might take advantage of people's pure compassion. Venerable Bodhi pointed out that we are always walking on a fine line between understanding the symptoms to syndicate-controlled aunties and uncles, and the genuine elders who really need our help.

Unconventional and Conventional Wisdom became the next hot topic of discussion, where we discuss the importance between having intelligence and having wisdom, and again the similarities were far too great for us to clearly put a distinction between those.

My personal takeaway from the session was valuable, as I learnt to understand the mechanism of having the intellect with prior knowledge and experiences in my life, coupled up with society's rules that would not be upended on ethics and morality, and then that forms the level of wisdom by which humans act on a daily basis.

Wisdom can be cultivated by the following:
Wisdom through Learning (Reading Newspapers / TVs / Forums) – context
Wisdom through Contemplation (Reflect) – on daily life and actions.
Wisdom through Practice (Cultivate) - actively putting principles to good use

And the simplest of tasks to put urself in the mind of loving kindness meditation in order for u to develop metta for all sentient beings,that would be the keys to the door of further compassion for beings all around you, as well as incidents that take place.

I do wonder, however, when Dalai Lama says that in order to breed the wings of a bird as your characteristics properly, one must be able to create the atmosphere for the wings to grow, for compassion and wisdom to have a platform to develop and to act upon, thus friendliness amongst associates within ur society is tantamount to how much you understand your own two wings, and how much you can spread it out and reach out to others. What if, the others do not reciprocate to ur atmospheric intentions? Will you then be left fending for yourself in this cold-hearted surrounding? Or should that even be your focus?

That's why I am always in this religion, the investigation never ends. And I'm glad, i'm not alone trying to figure out about life.
The 15-20 kalyana mitras on that day, we investigated together, and thanks to Wei Guang's preparation, we were able to have such a meaningful discussion that can spread beyond just pure logical and even, socio-emotional comprehension.

Join us, and maybe you can find out even more how your wings can grow.

Alvin - On a daily monologue

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