Friday, February 8, 2013

Youth Dharma Sharing: "I am not angry!"

Here's Sabrina to show us what she learnt on 2nd February :)

In this week’s sharing session conducted by Wufeng and Tessa, the objective was to help us manage our anger.

Wufeng started the ball rolling by asking everyone to introduce themselves. After the introduction, we went more into details on the anger management. Wufeng gave everyone some time to reflect on the time when they were angry over a certain issue. Some people shared their views and experiences on handling their anger.

Wufeng and Tessa said that when someone is angry, there will be a problem as well as a solution. If there is no solution, it will not be a problem. We should not be angry over the problem. We can try to control our anger and think about the consequences to our actions. Our actions may hurt others unintentionally.

We can use different methods to calm ourselves down for example, listening to music. We should not vent our anger as well as rage at others. Anger management is one of the important keys to a successful life. In order to curb our anger, we can follow the Noble Eightfold path which will allow us to live a virtue and happy life. To know more about it, come for the weekly sharing!

‘Control your anger, lead a more successful life today!’

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