Monday, March 21, 2016

Reflection from Volunteering at Bright Hill Evergreen Home

What a well spent Saturday with SBM Youth at Bright Hill Evergreen Home! After a day here, it strike me that we will all grow old one day. Impermanence - what you have today, you may not have tomorrow. 

Spoke to an Uncle there and he was telling us that his brother died, his sister died, and his parents died. However, it was really touching to hear him sharing with us in a cheerful state regardless. All I can say is he must have learnt the art of letting go and understand the truth that nobody could be there throughout their life. 

So, it is important and essential to appreciate everyone around us. Most of the old folks spoke largely of their family. It just goes to show one thing that family is important. So, please treasure the time together because clock is ticking every single moment.

Don't take it for granted. Appreciate your blessed life.

Hwan Ling

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