Tuesday, March 1, 2016

SBMY Pop Quiz - Learning with So Much Fun!

This sharing is a new concept and I think it should be carried on as it was fun and engaging, allowing us to also learn more about sbm and buddhism along the way. It also covers a wider range of topics in 1 sharing, eg. Noble 8 fold path, 5 precepts and 4 noble truths, revising our existing knowledge about buddhism that we had already shared about before. The pop quiz also made me realised I do not actually know that much about buddhism and sbm and had to actually take a wild guess for several questions and there were hardly any questions where I had a sure answer of. I definitely feel that this pop quiz has helped me gain new insights into buddhism as well SBM. By researching on some of the information for some questions, it also allows me to learn and read up more about buddhism through an interesting and memorable experience. 

 -Zen Wei and Yen Teng-

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