Friday, March 17, 2017

Breathing Meditation Sharing

11 March 2017

The breathing mediation sharing session conducted by Brother Titus and Brother Zeming is very beneficial to say the least. At the start of the session, we shared about one personal flaw which we have. Personally for me, it is the ability to keep focus for an extended period of time – be it daily activities such as reading or keeping on track to long term goals.

Through the breathing exercise, I learnt to develop mindfulness by focusing on and counting my breaths. At the start, I was not used to such breathing exercise and even dozed off half way through! However, subsequently, I was able to pay better attention on my counting and breathing. The entire session was very relaxing and it certainly helped to develop heightened attention. I able to apply this session to help me overcome my personal flaw by constantly be in a mindful state and re-focus myself if I diverted from my goals.

Look towards more of such sessions in the future!

- Thomas


Thank you Thomas for the wonderful reflection on the sharing last Saturday! It was indeed a wonderful and fruitful experience as we learnt more about the breath and the wonders of Breathing Meditation with a side dish of Mindfulness! Hope to see more of you soon for future sessions!!

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May all of you be well and happy! 

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