Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mindfulness Reflection

When I was tasked to take up the sharing on mindfulness with Titus, I was slightly apprehensive. I haven’t been as involved in practicing Buddhism and its practices for quite some time, and I felt very “rusty” with regards to the dharma. But at the same time, I was thankful for an opportunity to allow myself to once again get in touch with the Dharma, and to be reminded to apply it in my daily life.

Mindfulness of the present moment.

 “Why ruminate in the past and future when you can simply enjoy the present moment?”

That was the main question posed to all who were present at the sharing. Essentially, we tend to always, think of past and future scenarios. We look to good memories in the past as a form of reminiscing good times, we look to moments we wished we could relive so as to make different choices, fueled by regrets we have. We look to the future, anxious of what is to come. We make up tens of different situations that may occur, we get ourselves worried over potential failures in life, we conjure different images of what our future may hold, but since we can’t do anything about the future, why overthink? Why make up various scenarios that would ultimately not unfold the way it does?

So many questions, and so many things I’m guilty of doing. Sometimes, ruminating in the past or the future causes undue stress, and results in unhappiness, dissatisfaction, dukkha.

Ultimately, we can strive to live in the present moment to rid the stresses ruminating in the past and future can bring about. And by living in the present, we are fully involved in the activities we engage in. This allows us to enjoy the activity so much more. Ultimately, why savour the activity and reminisce about it after it’s over when you can enjoy it when it is happening?

Of course, all of these things are easy to talk about but not easy to put into practice. I’m however very thankful for the discussions which highlighted the importance of being in the present moment, of being mindful of the ‘now’.

It is with the hopes that next year I would be more mindful than how I am now, someone who is able to enjoy life and appreciate life so much more. I’m looking forward to continue this journey or learning with my kalyana mitras and excited to grow together with all of them.

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“embed video”

Till next time!

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May all of you be well and happy! 

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