Saturday, September 9, 2017

Reflection on Shi Xiong's sharing "Our Buddha, the hero"

Last Saturday, brother Shi Xiong gave a sharing entitled "Our Buddha, the hero". He told us a few stories on Angulimala, Sunita and King Pasenadi.

My personal favourite was the story of Angulimala. In my opinion it is very meaningful, the story tells us about a man who was sort of a serial killer that everyone was afraid of and one day the Buddha managed to get him to change his mindset.

I find this beautiful as he managed to overcome his negative view on the human population and become a better person in the end. He understood the consequences of his actions and never made a move out of fury again. This lesson this story taught is the most memorable, it taught me that all that we do good or bad would be accountable and that however bad it may be we must accept the consequence of our action openly and learn from there. Our punishment may seem small in the eyes of others whom we'd harmed but it is a start and a chance for us to change. A second chance.

Thank you to Shi Xiong!

- Xuan Ting

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