Sunday, November 2, 2008

Apologies for the late update on the sharing two weeks' ago; I can't find the notes I took down so I shall just base it on my memory:

The sharing session was made base on the debate that- If Buddha was omniscient (assuming he is) and compassionate, why did he allow Devadatta to inflict injuries on him when it would generate a lot of bad Karma on Devadatta?

So our members began throwing in suggestions for this:
- Buddha wanted to teach Devadatta a lesson
- Since Devadatta were to continue making effort to harm the Buddha, he might as well let Devadatta do so once to put an end to it

Of course, there were many other point of views and my stand was similar to that of the latter stated above.

Venerable Bodhi then corrected us by informing us that Buddha was not omniscient, it was just that he would be able to know about something should he turn his attention towards that matter. Buddha was doing his walking meditation and would naturally not be allowing his mind to wander; not to mention thinking of Devadatta. Therefore, he was unaware of the imminent danger that Devadatta was about to bring upon him.

We then moved on to the topic of vegetarianism with Vicky sharing his experience as an (unhealthy) vegan with all of us. Venerable Bodhi, too, shared with us her encounter of visiting the farmhouses which further prompted her to stay as a vegetarian.

=D Hope you guys continue to enjoy sharing!

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